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2868 30th St | Boulder, CO 80301
Fitness & Wellness: synonymous with Longevity

sam iannetta


  • Baccalaureate degree in Exercise Science from University of California, Davis
    Minors in Nutrition and Sport Psychology from University of California, Davis

    Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM)
    Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, National Academy of Sport
    Medicine (NASM)
    Red Cross First Aid and CPR for Adults, Children, and Infants
    BTS Barefoot Training Specialist: Level 2 - training focused on
    foot/ankle/leg stability, strength, and Proprioception for better Biomechanics
  • Author "Change Agents"
  • Advanced Certified Personal Trainer—National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Corrective Exercise
Gait Analysis
Functional Movement Analysis
Injury Prevention
Injury Rehabilitation
Pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and postnatal exercise
Special populations and those with various health issues
Weight loss and maintenance

- Lisa loves to hear that a client is experiencing more joy and less pain on their bike rides, that a client is back to running because their back pain no longer exists, or that an athlete is performing better because their biomechanics are more efficient. ?Living and enjoying life, that is what it is about!
- Lisa understands that her clients are multifaceted individuals. ?Fitness is not just about fat loss or strength, it is much more complex. ?Fitness is about improving your life, having vitality, and a body that is agile, flexible, strong, and has longevity, so that personal goals can be reached both today and in the future.
- During Lisa's years of working in health care, she saw patients treated from the outside in. ?Surgeries, braces / orthotics supports, and medication were common. ?When she encountered her own aches and pains, followed by serious injuries, and subsequent surgeries, she gained further insight into how injuries are rehabilitated. ?Each part of the body that was injured or had an issue seemed to be treated alone, as though it wasn't connected to the rest of the body. ??
- Being well trained in gait analysis and biomechanics, she knew that each joint and muscle could have profound influence over the rest of the body. ??There had to be a better way. ?
Through research and study she discovered the techniques of corrective and functional exercises. ?This was the missing piece and the key to injury prevention, rehabilitation, and optimal performance. ????

Each of Lisa's clients will begin with a complete fitness, gait, and movement analysis. ?In the analysis, Lisa will look at the entire body and how each individual part is affecting the other areas of the body. ??By looking at the way a client walks and moves through the world, Lisa determines which muscles might be out of balance in relation to other muscles, or not contracting in a timely manner when the body needs them most.

Using information from the evaluation she will create a customized exercise programs to help you reach your bodies peak level of performance, Lisa will create truly customized exercise program to help you achieve your bodies peak level of performance, while simultaneously helping to increase the longevity of your joints and prevent future issues and injuries.

Orthotist at Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center
Designed and fabricated bracing systems for a variety of medical issues.
Specialized in Diabetic Foot, Post-Polio, and Gait Evaluation
Orthotist at University of California, Davis Medical Center
Designed and fabricated bracing systems for a variety of medical
issues including injuries, arthritis, long term illness, and post amputation

More than an avid exercise enthusiast, Sam has broken the American power lifting record three times. In winning multiple Colorado power lifting championships, he has broken state records in many categories as well. He competes in the Lifetime Drug Free category (sometimes called PURE), and in many competitions Sam uses no supportive equipment. Throughout Sam's life, he has enjoyed many sports, including, but definitely not limited to, football, baseball, wrestling, Ultimate Frisbee, boxing, martial arts, hiking, cycling, mountain biking (especially downhill), motorcycling, auto racing, boogie boarding and surfing (the small stuff).
In order to share his views on fitness and sport, Sam has donated his time to schools and government agencies, teaming with those who seek to recharge some of the policies regarding physical education for our young people. He served on the board of directors of the Colorado Governor's Council for Physical Fitness, a strictly volunteer group that promotes physical activity and exercise programs and sponsors youth events throughout the state.

Although you may hear the term “Functional Fitness” used elsewhere, it was Sam who originated the analysis system behind it. And it’s only Sam’s analysis and precise execution that can breathe life into an otherwise empty term and make fitness truly functional. That’s because Sam has seen that it’s the essence of “Life” itself, particularly your life and how you live it, that is the genius of the system. He has discovered that by using everyday life movements, he and his trainers can analyze skeletal position, muscular discrepancies and movement patterns to determine what is moving properly and improperly. We all have our quirks. But Sam’s analysis sorts them out just for you. Then he and his trainers create exercise programs that truly change the way you move and set you on the path to pain-free fitness. So, your own personal analysis leads to your own program that then builds greater strength, flexibility, stability and balance, naturally, from your own movements.
Often, movement problems are the root cause of many physical and emotional ailments. You may be like the many clients who have come to Functional Fitness and have seen issues like these disappear: depression, joint aches and pains, postural issues, symptoms of fibromyalgia, loss of energy, back pain, headaches and migraines, just to name a few.
Sam’s way of dealing with these disorders is many-fold. He’ll show you so many ways to work your kinks out that they won’t be able to keep up with you. But your smiles will. His specialty is creating exceptional workouts that correct core movement problems and move you through space in the healthiest, most joyful way, all while increasing your strength and decreasing your risks of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.  He gets to the source of the problem, not just the symptom. And he does it in the buoyant atmosphere of teamwork and camaraderie that is the community spirit of Functional Fitness. 
So, whether you want to manage a pack on your way up Everest or manage your weight and energy on your way through a healthy happy life, get with the guy who knows how to fix you up—long term. Maybe Sam’s mother said it best about what a natural he is.  She said: “I’d give Sam broken toys. He’d play with broken toys till they weren’t broken anymore.”
You’ll see how to link up your own best image of yourself with Sam’s vision of you living happily, unbroken, in optimal health.  No matter what kind of shape you might be in, no matter what goals or injuries or conditions you might have, Sam sees how to help you break through and move to one new level after the next. So, now, think of leopards,or maybe wombats? No—make it dolphins. Go for the sleek. Send out your sonar to Sam.