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2868 30th St | Boulder, CO 80301
Fitness & Wellness: synonymous with Longevity


Kaitie, always having favored an active, athletic lifestyle growing up, decided it was only natural to dedicate her career to helping others incorporate movement into their lives as well.  But when she began training at Functional Fitness she discovered a whole new aspect to the fitness realm; functional, corrective and sustainable training tailored to the life needs of the individual.  She began to see how she could help others become stronger in a way that would improve their functionality in everyday life as well as safeguard them from injury.  Wishing her life had been guided by the expertise of Sam's program from the very beginning, it became her goal to create this awareness for others so they may understand that pain doesn't have to be a daily experience and age does not dictate fitness.

Kaitie is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and a Barefoot Training Specialist, who is passionate and committed to helping others live a balanced, happy and healthy life through education, awareness, functional movement.  She assesses movement patterns in her clients and develops a personal program that will help them to accomplish their goals. Whether this means relief from pain; greater strength, ability and longevity; rehabilitation of injury; or increased general fitness and mobility, Kaitie has been trained to recognize what her clients need and how to deliver results.

In addition to her clients, Kaitie is also passionate about music, sports and the outdoors.  She loves catching live shows, mountain biking, hiking fourteeners and backpacking whenever possible.  Adventure is an integral part of her life, and she is always happy to inspire others to explore or assist them in more aptly maintaining a satisfying lifestyle.