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2868 30th St | Boulder, CO 80301
Fitness & Wellness: synonymous with Longevity
melissa stieber

Colleen’s versatility is her strength; she has the skills to help you achieve a balanced, strong and flexibly body, one that has coordination and agility.  She works with all ages for improved biomechanics, gait training, posture and specializes in the more mature adult.  Her focus on foot health and full body core is a big plus – Colleen believes you ARE CORE. 

Expect great workouts/programs with unbridled enthusiasm and results.  You will have fun. 

Her Moto: It’s YOUR body, LOVE it, MOVE it and REFINE it!

Colleen has been teaching for 35 years and her certifications include; PMA-Gold Certified PTA-Global, PTA-Global Advanced Training, TRX-Group X Training, Sole Training (foot based fitness) WillPowerandGrace-Level I and II and Evidence Based Training-Foot Specialist Level I. Additional certifications include but are not limited to scoliosis, pelvic floor dysfunction, therapeutic exercises for the back, knees/hip and neck.  


 Recently Colleen became a Purium Health Coach to further support her clients’ health and nutrition in order to take their health to the next level with organic, non-GMO super-foods.  Programs for Life-Style, Detox and Athletic Programs as well as dense green super-food nutrition for the whole family. Colleen has taught and created Pilates Comprehensive Certification Programs for professionals for over 28 years, has presented at conferences both domestically and internationally and has been featured in books, magazines, videos and on television.  If you are interested investigating some of her Pilates work you can find her videos on Pilates Anytime.  Use Code ColleenGlenn for a free month.

Education:  Business at University of Houston/ Dance at Lamar University